Headstones Advice

This is why headstones, gravestones, and also cremation markers are so important. They spell out the lifetime of the departed and can contain any sort of words of remembrance that those left behind would wish.

Headstones in Alloa and the surrounding area are those upright tablets which are set up at the head of the grave. They can be crafted from a variety of materials, often stone of some sort or another, but they can also be of metals such as bronze, iron, or steel, and even wood or concrete. The types of stones available are granite, which is the most popular, limestone, sand

stone, marble, and several more. All the stones can be chosen for their looks or their longevity or both.

One of the most long-lasting stones is granite which is widely available because it is plentiful in the earth’s crust and consequently is less expensive than other stones. It comes in a range of different colours including pink, brown, grey, yellow, and to a lesser extent blue and green. It weathers very well indeed, and you can find granite headstones that are two or three hundred years old, if not more.

Headstones and Gravestones