Cemeteries may be more forgiving, but still have their own rules so it is necessary to investigate them before considering a headstone material and design. Within Clackmannanshire there are eight cemeteries and four churchyards, and you can find further details here: .

Of course, your loved one’s headstone can be finished in a number of different ways. It can be polished, which will look great, but is not allowed in most churchyards because, once again it will look out of place among older stones. It can be part-polished on the inscription and base area, or it can be honed, which is an eggshell finish and usually permitted in churchyards. The finish can also be pitched using a bolster and hammer and this is a very rustic finish which is often seen in older churchyards because it fits in so well with the surrounding headstones that may be several hundred years old

Headstones and Gravestones