The History of CCTV Cameras Until Now

One thing that is great about CCTV cameras is the amount of footage that they can capture. You would be surprised to see all of the videos that can be found online where people have caught miraculous events. The CCTV cameras have caught kidnappings and other crimes, they’ve caught near accidents, and weather situations, and much more. The cameras have given us a new look in a way that we wouldn’t have otherwise had to experience. It gives businesses and other jurisdictions a chance to watch over areas in a new way.

How many CCTV cameras exist?

About 350 million cameras are out there today.

Where are most CCTV cameras found?

In Asia, about 60 percent of them.

When was the first CCTV camera?

The CCTV was developed back in 1927 and today has grown to become one of the most important aspects of security surveillance. These cameras are found in countries all over the world.

The first CCTV system had first been installed back years ago in Nazi Germany in 1942, when it had been used for observing the V-2 rockets and their launch. Now we have come to see these cameras placed all over the world and they’ve enabled millions of hours in footage to be recorded, stored, and shared with the world. You will not find an short supply of videos if you go looking for some CCTV footage. Every single day you are going to be able to find new things and new footage that is coming out. If you are wanting to know what one of the most important factors of security is today for countries everywhere, well the simply answer is the CCTV camera. It has been used to a tremendous scale, with millions of them being installed all over different buildings in countries around the world, and other areas.